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Learn about the unique advantages that make Sapient Health™ a leader in healthcare solutions. From our innovative funding strategies to our commitment to transparency, discover how we provide unparalleled benefits to employers and employees alike.

At Sapient Health™, we extend ownership in two ways.


Firstly, we employ a collaborative approach that empowers employers to actively participate in the design of their health plan alongside their advisors. This ensures the creation of a plan that authentically addresses the unique needs and values of their workforce. Our carefully selected solutions are meticulously crafted with a focus on predictability and efficacy, providing employers with the confidence to plan their healthcare expenses while avoiding the surprises often associated with traditional health insurance models.


Secondly, in conjunction with these point solutions, we provide employers with access to employer owned group captives.

We offer a comprehensive suite of top-tier solutions for employers, designed to ensure the sustainable and financially sound operation of their employee health plan.


These solutions encompass a range of services, including third-party administration, network access, referenced-based pricing, direct negotiation, cash pay, pharmacy benefit management (PBM), claim oversight, utilization management, managed care, disease management, and more.


Additionally, we provide competitively priced stop-loss insurance through UME, supported by advanced actuarial and analytical expertise to help maintain the stability of your plan.

In today’s employee benefits landscape, transparency laws are fundamental. At Sapient Health™, we go beyond mere compliance with regulations, providing complete visibility into every dollar spent on your plan.


As the fiduciaries, employers prioritize the needs of their employees above all else. We support this commitment by fostering trust and strong partnerships through open dialogue and full transparency.

Self-funded health plans offer unparalleled flexibility, cost control, and customization options.


With Sapient Health™ guidance, organizations can optimize their healthcare strategies and enhance employee benefits.

Empowering Employers, Enriching Lives

Sapient Health™ is committed to redefining the landscape of employee benefits, providing a pathway to stability, clarity, and control in healthcare management.

Where Care Meets Cost Efficiency

Our innovative approach unites employer-driven benefit plans with powerful cost containment strategies, enabling small to mid-sized advisors and their clients to more effectively navigate the complexities of health care.

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