Maximizing Cost Savings with Group Captive Solutions

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Step into the Future of Healthcare with Sapient Health™ Visionary Model

Sapient Health™ stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a unique group captive funding model that has transformed self-funding into a viable solution for businesses of all sizes.


In the past, financial constraints made self-funding seem out of reach, leaving many businesses tied to inflexible, fully insured plans. Now, with Sapient Health’s innovative level-funded group captive framework, businesses of all sizes can tap into the same benefits once traditionally reserved for larger companies.


Say goodbye to limitations and hello to unprecedented control over your healthcare costs with Sapient Health™ group captive arrangements!

So What’s A Self-Funded Group Stop Loss Captive, Anyway?

Imagine a healthcare plan that puts you in the driver’s seat. With our Self-Funded Group Stop Loss Captive, you join forces with other businesses to collectively fund your own healthcare coverage.


By pooling resources and spreading risk, you gain unprecedented control over your healthcare expenses. In this type of model, each employer establishes a separate self-funded benefit plan and purchases a separate medical stop-loss policy. There is no commingling of plan assets, nor is there joint risk-sharing among the benefit plans of individual participating employers. 


With this added flexibility and autonomy, you’re not just managing risk, you’re shaping your healthcare future. Don’t settle for traditional insurance models—unlock the benefits of self-funded group captives and take charge of your financial future today!

Maximize Your Healthcare Strategy with the Benefit of Sapient Health's Group Captive Arrangements.

Solutions Implementation Highlights

In a group captive arrangement, there are three distinct layers of coverage:

Together, these layers offer a comprehensive insurance solution, allowing businesses to manage risks effectively while maximizing cost savings and stability.

Capital risk funding in a group captive insurance arrangement involves strategies to retain, share, and transfer financial risks.

In this example, expenses exceeding $300,000 above the specific deductible are managed within the group, with aggregate losses covered up to the captive’s total loss fund through premium contributions and non-premium funding collateral.


Members share the financial burden, retaining individual retentions of $25,000 and managing aggregate retentions between 110% and 125% of expected claims. This structure ensures that costs are effectively distributed, stabilizing the group’s overall financial health while transferring excess risks beyond the specified limits.

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