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Frequently Asked Questions

Sapient Health™ is the first employer-owned, fully integrated, and transparent self-funded healthcare insurance solution, designed to empower employee benefit advisors and organizations.
Sapient Health’s™ cost containment program leverages state-of-the-art tools and methodologies, including Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) Group Captive, Agency Program, Open Program, and Level Funded Group Captive, to effectively manage and reduce healthcare expenses.

Small to mid-sized brokers new to self-funding, brokers dissatisfied with their existing group captive arrangements, independently owned brokers, employers seeking a direct-to-employer approach, independently owned Third Party Administrators with reference based pricing or direct network access, and many more, can benefit from our solutions. If you would like to find out how you can benefit, contact us today!

No. Each employers’ benefit plan remains independent. Sharing is only done at the group captive layer. 

Premium renewals involve a collaborative process where each member’s premium is individually assessed based on their claims experience and other factors. This approach allows for flexibility, transparency, and risk mitigation while enabling member organizations to have a say in their premium adjustments.

Yes, employers are carefully screened, and only those committed to cost containment are permitted to join.

Cost control, stability in healthcare expenses, transparency in spending, potential cost savings, collaborative opportunities, investment income generation, long-term strategic benefits, risk mitigation and much more!


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  • Moves the medical stop loss premium from a liability to an asset
  • Acts as a multi-year shock absorber
  • Renewals are banded & pooled, eliminating the risk of a huge increase
  • Gives employers access to comprehensive data regarding their healthcare spend
  • A selective risk pool – employers are carefully screened and only employers committed to cost containment are permitted to join the group captive
  • Collaboration between groups and partners to bring forth best in class practices to drive down healthcare spend

Yes, collaboration is encouraged between groups and partners to implement best practices and strategies centered around lowering healthcare spend.

“Fully integrated” or “aligned” means that all aspects of healthcare, including medical, pharmacy, wellness, and claims management, are seamlessly coordinated within the healthcare solution to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

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