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Sapient Health Solutions
Sapient Health™provides a range of healthcare insurance solutions designed to cater to diverse healthcare needs. We are committed to guaranteeing cost efficiency, elevating care standards, and fostering improved health outcomes for all.

Experience elite benefits with Sapient Solution I, tailored for diverse employer groups.

Unlock the full potential of cost containment with Sapient Solution II.

Designed specifically for small to mid-sized employers, this Sapient Health turnkey solution maximizes cost containment.


By leveraging the framework of a level-funded group captive, employers of all sizes now have the opportunity to access the same benefits traditionally reserved for larger companies.


Tailored to the unique needs of agencies, Sapient Solution III offers a fully customized group captive solution. Whether you’re seeking to establish your own group captive or looking for a bespoke program, we provide the expertise and tools to design a solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements.


Contact us today to begin crafting your ideal group captive program, complete with personalized benefits, TPA choice and tailored cost solutions.


Choose flexibility with Sapient Solution IV.


This solution offers a variety of reimbursement options, including referenced based pricing, direct negotiation, or cash pay options for ultimate efficiency and cost savings.

Cutting-Edge Cost Containment

Our cost containment program leverages state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to effectively manage and reduce healthcare expenses.

Optimal Care Quality

We uphold the highest quality of care standards to ensure cost efficiency while delivering exceptional care.

Diverse Program offerings

Choose from various group captive insurance programs that best align with your client's needs

Level-Funded Group Captive for Small Groups

Sapient Health has pioneered the first level-funded Group Captive exclusively designed to assist small groups looking to explore self-funding for the first time.

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