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America's First Employer-Owned, Fully Integrated and Transparent,
Self-Funded Healthcare Insurance Solution

Discover the Future of Healthcare with Sapient Health™


Unlocking the Power of Ownership

Sapient Health™ prioritizes giving businesses autonomy over their healthcare, enabling personalized, cost-efficient care through direct ownership and decision-making.

Fully Integrated

Seamless Healthcare Management

Our approach simplifies healthcare by integrating all aspects from administration to care coordination into one seamless, efficient system, enhancing the care experience.


Clarity and Trust in Healthcare

We promise clear communication on all healthcare costs and processes, ensuring no surprises and empowering informed decisions.

All costs associated with Sapient Health™ for our partners are solely created as a part of the cost of doing business.


In keeping with that commitment to transparency with our employer groups, any and all fees will be disclosed. There will be no hidden fees, claw backs, or kickbacks.


Customized Solutions, Optimized Costs

With Sapient Health™, enjoy the freedom to create a healthcare plan that fits your needs, offering cost control and tailored benefits without traditional insurance limitations.

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